Recommended Reading

There are many books that can help the new Affiliate candidate study before and after the examination/interview. Below is a recommended reading list. The first three on the list are a must for any teacher of the Vaganova method:

  • Basic Principles of Classical Ballet, Russian Ballet Technique By Agrippina Vaganova, Translated by Anatole Chujoy
  • School of Classical Dance By Vera Kostrovitskaya, Alexei Pisarev, Translated by John Barker
  • Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet by Gail Grant
  • The Ballet Book, A Young Person’s Guide to Classical Dance By The National Ballet School
  • Dance Medicine, Head to Toe: A Dancer’s Guide to Health By Judith R. Peterson, M.D
  • Classical Ballet Technique by Gretchen Ward Warren
  • The Perfect Pointe System, Pre-Pointe Assessment & Teacher Training Manual By Lisa Howell
  • The Physics of Dance by Kenneth Laws
  • Dance Anatomy by Jacqui Greene Haas
  • Dance Anatomy & Kinesiology by Karen Clippinger
  • Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel
  • The Anatomy Colouring Book by Wynn Kapit
  • The Bolshoi Ballet Academy: Methods of Teaching Classical Dance By Marina Konstantinova Leonova, Dean of Bolshoi Academy, People’s Artist of Russia
  • Alphabet of Classical Dance By Nadeshda Bazarova and Varvara Mey
  • Taking Root To Fly By Irene Dowd