Seminar 2020 Suggested Topics

Seminar 2020 Topics

Below are the suggested topics for Seminar 2020. If you have any suggestions or ideas please forward them to Leica Hardy for posting.



Mixing participatory & seated lectures
Videotaping seminar sessions for viewing via subscription service
Subscribing to video versions of seminar in lieu of attending


Technique – Demonstrations with Students

Demonstrations of Level Five through Eight
Demonstrations of Major levels
Improvisation for younger students


Technique – With Teacher Participation

Step progressions
Character class
Creating exam exercises with appropriate levels of difficulty for that level
Creating choreographic interest in exam combinations – step variants, direction changes & pathways
Floor Barre
Fundamentals in depth – plié, tendu, folding, circular movements



Tactics for teaching ‘pesky’ steps & technical challenges
Music for dance
How to use the upper body in barre work for artistic development
Body reading & problem solving for effective corrections
Teaching male students – styling, exercise structure & musical tempo



The Society of Russian Ballet presents the Nesta Toumine Memorial Award annually to students that display outstanding technical merit and exceptional artistic development in the Vaganova style. Members of the Society’s Examining Committee, following the annual examination season, put the names of potential recipients forward for consideration.