Benefits of membership

  • Syllabus designed for the current needs of today’s dance environment
  • Participation in an internationally recognized teaching method
  • Feedback to assist ongoing development of students and teachers
  • Creative input into the art and practice of ballet
  • Recognized professional certification
  • Annual seminars for professional development
  • A resource network for teachers and dance schools
  • Listing yourself and/or your school on the Society’s website database
  • Job postings and/or career opportunities

Teacher’s Examinations and Membership

Teachers must have certification from the Society of Russian Ballet in order to submit syudents for examinations. To obtain certification from the Society of Russian Ballet, potential teachers must follow the current guidelines set out by the Society.  There are five levels of teacher certification.  Student Teacher in Training, Affiliate, Associate, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level of certification requires different qualifications and experience.

A unique feature to the Society is Affiliate Teacher membership. This is a one to three year introductory membership for practicing teachers who have not taken examinations with the Society as student dancers. Drawing upon previous teaching experience, Affiliate members are given up to three years to familiarize themselves with our syllabus and styling, and to successfully enter students for examinations.

Other levels of teacher examination and certification include:

The Society of Russian Ballet was founded in Canada in 1975 to preserve and promote Russian styled training in classical ballet. In the formative years the Society operated as a branch of The Society for Russian Style Ballet Schools, with its headquarters in England. In 1980, to serve the needs of Canadian teachers, students and dancers more effectively, the Canadian branch became the independent society we know today.