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Merle Adam
Donna Bender
Katherine Clarke
Leica Hardy
Jane Pound
Denise Vitali

Deanna Stewart, SRB Manager


Examiner Document Download

Note: All PDF forms are fillable and may also be downloaded for manual completion.

Associate Teacher Exam (as of August 2018)
Time Sheet & Invoice – Affiliate Mentoring (Instructions on page 2.)
Time Sheet & Invoice – Examining
Examiner/Executive Fees & Expenses
Examiner/Executive Fees & Expenses Guidelines
Examiner/Executive Expenses Report
Examiner SRB Award Submission


Confirmed Examination Sessions

December 2019

  • Dec. 6-7: Exisdance, Lethbridge, AB c/o Janielle Scott, Examiner – Denise Vitali

January 2020

  • Jan. 19-20: YMM Dance Company, Fort McMurray, AB, c/o Melinda Richter, Examiner – Donna Bender
  • Jan. 21: Front & Centre Dance Academy, Toronto, ON, c/o Michelle Fox, Examiner – Denise Vitali

February 2020

  • Feb. 8-9: Maritime Dance Academy, Halifax & Bedford, NS c/o Alicia Clavette, Examiner – Denise Vitali
  • Feb. 10-11: Victoria Carter London Dance Centre, London, ON, c/o Victoria Carter, Examiner – Jane Pound
  • Feb. 20-21: Studio School of Dance, Ottawa, ON, c/o Janie Lacelle, Examiner – Jane Pound
  • Feb. 21: Front & Centre Dance Academy, Toronto, ON, c/o Michelle Fox, Examiner – Denise Vitali
  • Feb. 24-28: Maritime Dance Academy, Halifax & Bedford, NS, c/o Alicia Clavette,
    Examiners – Denise Vitali & Donna Bender
  • Feb. 25: Reach For The Stars, Waterloo, ON, c/o Jacqui duRandt, Examiner – Merle Adam
  • Feb. 27-28: Bradford School of Dance, Bradford, ON, c/o Jane Pound, Examiner – Leica Hardy
  • Feb. 26-27: Dance Adventure, Kitchener, ON, c/o Natalie Sebastian, Examiner – Merle Adam
  • Feb. 29: Danspirations, Summerside, PEI, c/o Sheree Gurnell, Examiner – Donna Bender

March 2020

  • March 1: Dance Stream, Vaughan, ON, c/o Alona Khaninson, Examiner – Katherine Clarke
  • March 4-5: Artistic Edge Dance Studio, Surrey, BC, c/o Heather Davies, Examiner – Donna Bender
  • March 4-5: Listowel School of Dance, Listowel, ON, c/o Jane Laurin, Examiner – Jane Pound
  • March 8-9: Leica Hardy School of Dance, Dartmouth, NS, c/o Leica Hardy, Examiner – Jane Pound
  • March 10-13: Stars of Tomorrow, Dartmouth, NS, c/o Elizabeth MacDonell, Examiner – Jane Pound
  • March 10-12: Swansea School of Dance, Toronto, ON, c/o Michelle deBrouwer, Examiner – Denise Vitali

April 2020

  • All examinations postponed until further notice.

May 2020

  • All examinations postponed until further notice.

June 2020

  • All examinations postponed until further notice.


Pending Exam Sessions


Welcome to the examiners’ area of the Society of Russian Ballet website. This area contains document downloads (password required) and other important information for the Examining Committee. To download documents from this area Examiners should contact the Manager for the current password. Please also forward any information you would like to share on this page to the Manager.