Document, Syllabi & Form Downloads

Members in good standing are provided with the latest document passwords via email. Please contact the Society’s Manager for the most current document passwords.


For Teachers –

Note: All fees are payable in Canadian funds.

Affiliate Teacher Study Program Application – Jan. 2019-Aug. 2020
Teacher Examination Request Form – Jan. 1, 2019-Aug. 31, 2020
Teacher Exam Procedure
Membership Renewal Form – 2019
Affiliate Guide Purchases – Please use the Teacher Examination Request Form above
Syllabus Purchases – Please use the Teacher Examination Request Form above
Minutes – AGM 2018

For Dancers –

Booking & Preparing for Examination Sessions
Dancer Exam Procedure & Mark Rationale
Dancer Examination Request Form
Dancer Examination Fee Remittance – Jan. 1, 2019-Aug. 31, 2020
Dancer Examination Candidate List – Word version   (Note: legal-sized landscape)
Dancer Examination Candidate List – PDF  (Note: legal-sized landscape)
Dancer Examination Result Sheet – Word version
Dancer Examination Result Sheet – PDF
Charms Order Form – Jan. 1, 2019-Aug. 31, 2020


Comment Sheets:

Comment Sheet Without Writers

Female Comment Sheets With Writers:

Male Comment Sheets With Writers:


To enter students for dancer examinations teachers must first obtain certification from the Society of Russian Ballet. The Society offers five levels of Teacher’s examination and certification. For further information about teacher certification please see the Membership page of the website.