British Columbia Teacher Directory


Anna Kroupina, SRB Aff.
Instructor, Pemberton Dance Studio
P: 604-894-0073


South Surrey

Heather Davies, SRB Assoc. 
Instructor, Essence of Dance Inc.
P: 604-541-9498

Aislyn McCubbin, SRB St. T.
Instructor, Essence of Dance Inc.



David Beales, SRB Adv. 
Artistic Director/Owner, Maple Leaf School of Ballet
P: 250-514-5021

Stephanie Wilson, SRB Aff.
Instructor, Maple Leaf School of Ballet



A unique feature to the Society is Affiliate Teacher membership. This is a two-year introductory membership for practicing teachers who have not taken examinations with the Society as student dancers. Drawing upon previous teaching experience, Affiliate members are given two years to familiarize themselves with our syllabus and styling, and to successfully enter students for examinations.